Citroën launches new Brand Signature for its electrified vehicles

Jan 17, 2020

To mark the transition towards electrification, Citroën is launching a new version of its Brand signature: INSPIRËD BY YOU ALL. Launched at the unveiling of New C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid, this signature is reserved for communications surrounding the Brand’s electrified models.

Citroën never stops creating innovative solutions for its customers, making its products and services accessible to improve the motoring experiences for both drivers and passengers alike. From Traction Avant to 2CV, Type H to Berlingo, and people carriers to SUVs, Citroën has always supported changes in society and asserted itself as a mainstream brand and one which takes its main source of inspiration from people and their everyday lives. This approach has been rolled out in its communications since 2017 via the brand’s international signature of ‘INSPIRED BY YOU’, which is at the heart of Citroën’s day-to-day operations.

In 2020, to mark the launch of the Brand’s electrified offensive, the appearance of a diaeresis on the ‘e’ in the signature is a dual nod: to the ‘ë’ of Citroën and to that used in the signature of the range’s electric models: ëlectric. The diaeresis also adorns Citroën’s hybrid models, with the ‘ḧybrid’ logo attached to the tailgate. Adding the word ‘all’ in INSPIRËD BY YOU ALL reinforces Citroën’s desire to make electric more accessible. Citroën has been making vehicles more available to its customers for over 100 years, and in 2020, Citroën will make electric more accessible for all.

This new international signature is reserved for communications about the brand’s six electrified models for 2020. It is already in use for the Brand’s most recent creation, New C5 AIRCROSS SUV Hybrid, the rechargeable hybrid version of Citroën’s flagship vehicle, which was revealed in November 2019.

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