Porsche equips its Weissach Development Centre with additional test benches

Jun 25, 2019

The Porsche Weissach development centre has put into operation one of the most modern drive test buildings in the automotive industry. The German automaker is equipping itself for the mobility of tomorrow with the new centre.

With the new complex, the sports car manufacturer is underlining its pioneering role in the development of highly efficient power units. The building combines test benches for conventional, hybrid and electric drives under one roof.
"The new drive test building is the ideal complement to our range of services in the Weissach development centre," said Michael Steiner, Board Member for Research and Development at Porsche AG. "We are constantly working to increase the efficiency of our engines. With the 18 new test benches, we can test and document our progress even more precisely - regardless of whether we are dealing with conventional, hybrid or purely electric drive technologies.”
Overall, the developers in Weissach now have around 70 test benches available. A special feature is the new high-voltage composite test bench, which is designed for purely electric vehicles. 
"Here we test the entire electric drive system, including the real battery, as installed in the vehicle," explained Gregor Haffke, Head of Powertrain Testing at Porsche. In addition, charging test strategies and technologies for different markets can also be tested on this test bench.
The new building complex is characterised by the architectural guiding principle of efficiency: In order to network the engineers and processes even better, the paths are short. Logistics entrance, preparation areas, test benches and office workstations are only a few metres apart. This ensures efficient interdisciplinary exchange between the approximately 550 employees.
Sustainability aspects also played a key role in the planning and implementation of the project. To minimise the disruption to the landscape, two out of seven storeys are located below the terrain. The building was thus connected to the underground supply tunnel that runs through the factory.”
To attain maximum sustainability, the waste heat from the engine test benches will provide low-temperature heating for the offices in winter. This covers around 25% of the space heat requirement. The roof of the building is green.

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